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Read what some of our customers have to say.

  • “One of the most challenging responsibilities in business is finding the right people and making sure they are in the right positions. Using HRGP has allowed us to implement a systematized process for recruiting, qualifying, and hiring with confidence."

    Kevin Sherrill, PresidentSherrill Pest Solutions
  • “HRGP is a robust talent management system that has exceeded our expectations. We can manage our employees through their entire life cycles -  from application to separation. We make and use a wide array of forms for performance reviews, 360s, and more. The program is user-friendly and their support and development have been extremely helpful. We would recommend HRGP to any of our colleagues."

    Melissa Krische, Manager of Operational EffectivenessBatzner Services
  • “HRGP has been very good for us. It has streamlined our screening process immensely, and we’re becoming more objective in our hiring.???

    Bruce Head, PresidentPioneer Pest Management
  • "HRGP has given us the ability to better understand potential employees. It has also given us an online file to store employee personal information and allow the employee access to this information. It allows us to cross reference current employee's profiles against potential employee's to see if they are a good fit for our company. It is very user friendly."

    Kurt Trombetti, PresidentEnviro Safe Pest Control
  • "What is the biggest obstacle facing your business???? Every year it seems like we get surveys asking this question. My answer is always the same - finding, hiring, and holding on to good people is especially important in the pest control industry. HRGP automates and organizes the hiring process for you. It has helped us, and it could help you."

    Howard Bright, PresidentAnti-Pesto Bug Killers
  • "HRGP brings the hiring process and employee management to a new level. As a small business owner I value how HRGP makes finding and managing my staff easier and with greater organization. I wear a lot of hats and HRGP helped me to become a better manager of my people. I understand my staff better and utilize their talents more effectively to both their and my benefit."

    Paul Utts, PresidentRID Pest Control