Help your employees become 
more successful, and happy.

Onboard, Engage, and Support Employees, Efficiently.


Create the required folders, tasks, and reminders for new employees in three clicks. These folders are created by default:

  • Kudos, Letters of Recognition
  • Onboarding
  • Pay and Compensation
  • Performance Reviews, Employee Feedback
  • Policy Acknowledgments, Agreements
  • Position Descriptions
  • Promotions, Demotions, Transfers, Layoffs
  • Training, Licenses, Certifications
  • Warnings, Counseling, Disciplinary Notices

The image below shows the folders, tasks, and reminders created for new employees.

All subscriptions include these new hire forms:

  • Direct Deposit Authorization
  • Emergency Contact
  • Employee Handbook Acknowledgement
  • Federal Tax Withholding
  • General Rules of Conduct & Agreement
  • Harassment Policy & Agreement
  • Non-Compete Agreement
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Non-Solicitation Agreement
  • Photo Release Policy & Agreement
  • Safety Policy Agreement
  • Substance Abuse Policy & Agreement
  • Uniform Policy & Agreement
  • Vehicle Use Policy & Agreement

By default the forms require 4-digit pin signatures. You can clone and edit the new hire template and forms, or we can create and/or add them for you – FREE of charge!


Feedback Forms

Use the “New Employee Follow Up” form to find out what new employees are thinking after 30, 60, and 90 days. At 120 days and every 90 days thereafter, use the “Quarterly Check-In” form to set and review objectives and expectations. Create feedback forms for nearly any employee management function. HRGP can add your forms FREE of charge.

Performance Reviews / 360 Surveys

Use the “Performance Review” form to rate employees on their job performance and provide them with comments. Invite employees to rate and comment on themselves. Include co-workers as raters (anonymously or non-anonymously). Used scored or un-scored forms. On scored forms, set scores to fit your precise requirements (e.g., you can use positive and negative number ratings). In scored reports, see results by questions and rater groups, and overall. Send completed performance reviews up the chain of command for reviews, comments (can be omitted from printed reports), and approvals. Create your own forms, or let HRGP add them FREE of charge.

Employee Portal

Use the Employee Portal to share with your employees documents, images, and videos from your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts. Organize content in categories. Test employees understanding with quizzes that when completed, generate scored results that are sent to managers, and displayed in the employee records for them to see.

Personality Profiles

The personality profiles in HRGP are based on the Big Five personality traits research conducted by the International Personality Item Pool, a scientific collaboratory for the development of advanced measures of personality and other individual differences. Scores on the personality traits: sociability, agreeableness, conscientiousness, patience, and openness are presented in reports to help managers and their employees better understand themselves and one another, and to see themselves through the others eyes.

Shared Employee Folders

Use employee folders to share notes, tasks, reminders, quizzes, forms, and to maintain two-way email communication related to specific folders and/or tasks.

Employee Separation Surveys

Gain insights into what you’re doing right, and what you could be doing better with employees, by asking them when they leave for their opinions about their employment with your company.


Maintain and share (as appropriate) important employee activities and records using digital folders. The system has three user types:

  • Administrative
  • Manager
  • Employee

Admin, Manager Users

Add folders, subfolders, tasks, and/or reminders for yourself and others (singly or in bulk with duplicate checking). Designate folders to share with employees. Assign tags to employees, folders, and tasks, and filter by them. Complete forms on employees. Request employees to complete forms. Send completed forms to others for their review, feedback, and/or acceptance. Add quizzes and present to employees for completion through emails, employee portal, or Employee user accounts. Scan historical files and use drag-and-drop to save them in the folders. Archive folders to remove them from the active view. Specify folders to share with employees through their user accounts. Make public or private notes. Save files (docs, images, media) with drag-and-drop. Invite employees to review your notes and add their own. Maintain documented two-way email communication related to specific folders, and optionally to tasks within the folders. Send position descriptions for review and to be accepted and pin-signed, or rejected.

Employee Users

Mobile-friendly interface to see tasks, reminders, and public notes added by Admin and Manager users. Add own tasks, reminders, and notes. Take quizzes and see results. Fill in and review forms. Submit and manage time off requests (if turned on by Admin). Access company-shared files in employee portal. Upload files (docs, images, media).