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Source, Manage, and Evaluate Applicants, Better.


Create source-specific links to direct applicants into the applicant tracking system. Sources can include job boards, placement agencies, associations, events, employees, channel partners, or any other referral source. Review tracking results to identify your best ads and sources. Advertise directly on the world’s number one job site, Indeed. Manage your free or sponsored Indeed ads from within HRGP. Edit their content, set their budgets, convert them from sponsored to free, and deactivate them. Add the HRGP jobs feed widget code to your website to make it convenient for people to learn about your company and your employment opportunities, and to make it easy to apply. Manage the jobs that show on your website, as well as their content and font, from within HRGP. Group jobs by location or function.


Review pre-application form scores and answers, and resumes from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Open the dashboard on your computer to add notes, and to filter candidates by dates, names, job postings, position titles, rankings, star ratings, tags, date ranges, reports, locations, and/or managers. Sort them by names, dates, locations, managers, position titles, rankings, star ratings, and tags. Initiate and maintain documented two-way email communication with candidates, set email reminders for yourself and/or your coworkers, and add public and/or private notes and documents. Assign star ratings and reject candidates with or without reasons, and with or without email notifications (you can also reject candidates in bulk). View a chronological log of system and user generated events.


Hiring Templates

Follow our proven hiring templates (hiring forms, assessments, and interview questions organized in defined steps) to more effectively screen candidates for service technician, customer service, sales, and management positions. Edit the processes and add new ones. Use your own forms, interview questions, assessments, and third-party services. Set your own scoring and parameters for disqualifying candidates. There is no limit on the number of templates you can create and use. If you have hiring processes you like already, we can add them to the program for you – FREE of charge!

100 points are allocated amongst the hiring process items in templates to create a dynamic scoring system for evaluating and ranking candidates. The ready-made hiring processes allow you to choose application for employment forms with or without criminal background questions, to use “Contact Info” only pre-application forms to reduce the time required of job seekers to apply, or to use “Score & Screen” pre-application forms to automatically score, rank and optionally screen out applicants. Use the “No PRE” (no pre-application) templates to require applicants to complete full application for employment forms.

Example: Two Interview Process

In the Screening Step job seekers complete the Pre-Application form (the “Contact Info” or “Score & Screen” form), entering them into the applicant tracking system and sending email notifications to hiring managers. Applicants are automatically scored and ranked in the dashboard. Managers identify high potential applicants, and use the Telephone Interview forms in the dashboard to learn more. Qualified applicants are sent links to review the appropriate Position Descriptions, and to acknowledge their understanding. Managers then send links for the full Application for Employment, before sending links for doing the Natural Personality Profile assessment (included with all subscriptions; is based on the Big Five personality traits).

Before the First Interview Step managers send to candidates the questions from the Interview Guide (comparisons of personality traits between applicants and positions they are seeking) so candidates can submit their answers for discussion. At the start of first interviews candidates complete a Cognitive Skills Assessment (arithmetic, computation, reasoning, clerical perception, form perception, and verbal skills), and hiring managers discuss with them their answers to the questions from the Interview Guides. Managers may also ask their own interview questions and include them in the scoring of candidates in the hiring process.

Managers follow up first interviews by sending to successful candidates, the Sales Aptitude Assessment (measures goal orientation, self/others awareness), and when completed, the questions from the Sales Aptitude Report. To finish preparation for the Second Interview Step, managers send the ten Good Employee Questions to candidates (questions target passion, integrity, goal orientation, communication, accountability, adaptability, organization, creativity, personal growth, and diversity). At second interviews, managers discuss the answers provided by candidates, and follow up on questions from first interviews. If candidates are success in second interviews, managers prepare and send Conditional Offers for review and acceptance with PIN signatures.

When candidates accept Conditional Job Offers, it signals the start of the Pre-Employment Checks Step. Managers use Reference Check forms to gather information about candidates from professional references. Background checks and physical exams can be scheduled through Trusted Employees, an HRGP integration partner.

Notes: One or managers may rate candidates at any point in any of the stages, using a 10-point scale. Managers can schedule or send rejection emails, and document the reasons for rejection (not shared with candidates).

Scoring Applicants

Candidates are scored in two ways. For pre-application forms, application for employment forms, telephone interview forms, face-to-face interview question forms, reference check forms, and other hiring forms, managers grade completed forms on a 10-point scale while reviewing them using a fly out “Score” tab on the left side of the screen. The pre-application forms used in the “Score & Screen” templates are special exceptions, because they are scored automatically when submitted by candidates; their scores are later auto-adjusted after they are graded by hiring managers. For the assessments (personality profile, sales aptitude, leadership style), HRGP generates scores based on candidate responses. Those scores are auto-adjusted after hiring managers grade the responses of candidates to the interview questions included in those reports, using the fly out “Score” tab.

The parameters for how candidates are automatically scored on pre-application forms can be changed or even removed. Scoring can be assigned to the answers for any of the forced choice question types; radio button, drop-down, and checkbox. Scores can be positive or negative. One answer per question maybe designated as a knockout, meaning that the selection of that answer will cause candidates to be auto rejected, and hidden from the active candidates viewing the dashboard. When candidates are auto rejected, notifications are still sent to the hiring managers. In the dashboard, scores for the hiring stage scores are generated from scores assigned to the forms and assessments within them, and in turn, hiring stage scores generate overall scores for candidates, and their ranking of candidates within their job postings. One or more hiring managers may also rate candidates overall in each of the hiring stages.

Maximizing Interviews

HRGP helps you and your candidates make the most of valuable face-to-face time, by encouraging candidates to answer questions and/or fill in forms before they arrive at your office. Imagine conducting interviews where you can focus with candidates on their thoughtful answers to your important questions, as opposed to putting them on the spot, and hoping they can come up with meaningful answers on the fly. When candidates submit their answers, they are saved in the forms and assessments in HRGP, so that you can print them out in their respective reports. You can do this with any of the interview questions forms, and with the interview questions included in the personality profile, sales aptitude, and leadership style assessments.