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We built Hire and Retain Good People to help small businesses focus more on growing revenues, and less on replacing bad hires.

The Story Behind The Software

“The mission of HRGP is to help small businesses grow more quickly and efficiently.” _Brad Bartlett, CEO
  • Brad Bartlett
    Brad BartlettCEO

Brad Bartlett started HRGP after nearly 20 years of providing personality profiles and related consulting and training, primarily to small businesses. During that time, he observed that while most small businesses were efficient in their core functions, they were too often inefficient in hiring and managing their people. Many times what seemed to be lacking were good processes for doing these things. For example, when it came to hiring employees, managers often placed too much emphasis on the personality profiles and paid too little attention to other important factors that surface through an efficient hiring process.

Given the prices of modern personality profiling services, he began thinking about the possibility of providing a complete solution for small businesses, a talent management system with basic personality profiling for less than what he knew many of them were paying my competitors and him for just the personality profiling. That is why for one low price, HRGP provides an integrated system for sourcing and selecting, and developing and retaining, people with the required skills and aptitude to meet business requirements.

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